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Become a MoCo Member-Owner

About Membership

While you don’t need to be a member to shop at the co-op, we encourage anyone over the age of 18 to become a member by filling out the Member-Owner Application. By doing so you become part of a member-owned cooperative working to build a full-service market that will provide the residents of Lamoille County and beyond with locally produced meat, produce and other grocery items. The co-op will serve as a health and wellness resource and an important gathering place for the community. It will also help to put dollars back into the community by creating jobs and by supporting local farmers and producers.


It costs $200 to become a MoCo member-owner.  However, in an attempt to make the co-op affordable for all, we will accept that $200 as a one time payment or via up to 8 installments of smaller amounts (8 installments would be $25 each).

Other Terms and Conditions:

• Each member-owner share entitles the owner to one vote, however, all family members living in the same household will be entitled to share in all other member-owner benefits.

• Each individual may only purchase one member-owner share. For those individuals who wish to do more to support the co-op, we hope to soon be offering the opportunity for member-owners to purchase additional non-voting shares and/or to make member loans to the co-op.

• Member-owner shares are non-transferable. However, shares may be presented to the co-op for redemption at the original purchase price. All redemption requests will be subject to approval by the co-op board of directors.

• You will need to fill out a member-owner application in addition to providing your payment. If you are signing up online, we will mail you an application to complete.

Now that you've read the fine print, are you ready to join?

Click here to download and print an application to mail in.